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“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare, you will find your welfare.” Jeremiah 29:7

Our Family

Harmøny Coffee House is owned and loved by us, the Grays - Mike, Cherith, Tova, Skye and Shepherd. We’d include our two dogs in that, but the health department says we can’t bring them in the store! Cherith grew up in Wolfeboro within walking distance of where Harmøny now sits. After nearly 30 years in Michigan, having grown up, gotten married and raising 3 kids, it was time to go home.


So, in January of 2019 we began packing up our home of 17 years, Mike closed his painting business, the kids finished their school year and by mid-June, we were in Wolfeboro, cramming all our things into a storage unit.


Wanting to be involved in the community and also desiring to create and provide a space for gathering and fellowship coming out of the COVID lockdowns, the idea for Harmøny formed. The name is no mistake. We wanted to create a space to foster relationships in a time where we the people seem more divided than ever. In short, to foster harmony.


Aside from our desires for what the space would create, it wasn’t a whim to open a coffee house. Cherith has had nearly 20 years of food service experience managing a family-owned coffee house and cafe in Holland, MI. In the summer of 2021, Mike, a contractor, began the remodel and build-out for what became Harmøny Coffee House. In 4 short months (which seemed very long at times), the entire suite was gutted and rebuilt, allowing us to open mid-October 2021.


We are in a season of stretching to be sure. Not only did we open Harmøny Coffee House, but after nearly 3 years here, Mike went back out on his own and started Harmøny Contracting, plus we’ve got one kid off to college, another leaving in the fall and one nearly done with high school. Life is full of good things, and we are thankful.

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