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Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings is a small batch coffee roaster that strives to help support the growth and resilience of our communities, through coffee. It is run by a team of three, both Active Duty and Veteran Coast Guardsmen. They served together in Portsmouth, NH and have said that “no matter the mission, time of day, or harsh New England weather [they] faced, coffee was always there to get [them] through it.” They roast, grind, provide, stay humble, and of course, stay caffeinated!

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Flight Coffee

Flight Coffee Co is a coffee loving, quality focused specialty coffee company with locations in Bedford and Dover, NH. They believe in their quality farmers and producers, strive to create the perfect roast profile for each of their storied coffees, and are dedicated to the freshness of their coffee. They are committed to directness and transparency and to buying coffee that is as closely aligned with their values as possible.

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The vision of PassionWorx is to help inspire and empower communities to reach their God given potential to achieve greater things in life. Their exclusive, high-quality coffee comes from Guatemala and additional countries known for their coffee excellence. Purchasing this coffee will help with community development programs, the education of young people who live at risk in areas of poverty and poor nutrition. This is coffee with purpose, passion, and good works.

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Passion Worx


Mem Teas provides extensive tea programs to over 800 cafes, restaurants, and other businesses around New England and the U.S. Their mission is to source, distribute, and spread knowledge about teas with integrity of flavor, purity, and efficacy.

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